Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Application and Development of Electronic Chemicals in Photovoltaic Solar Cell Industry.

Wet electronic chemicals used in solar cells are characterized by relatively few types but large quantities. Wet electronic chemicals are mainly used in cleaning, corrosion, texturing and other processes in the manufacture of solar cells. Sulfuric acid, aqua regia, acidic and alkaline hydrogen peroxide solutions, etc. are "cleaning agents" in photovoltaic solar manufacturing. The cleanliness and surface state of the silicon wafer have a great influence on the photoelectric conversion efficiency, and it is a key process in production. These chemical cleaning agents can achieve the purpose of decontamination.

Generally speaking, the field of photovoltaic solar cells only needs the G1 level of the SEMI standard. Under the background of "carbon neutrality", the replacement of traditional energy power generation by new energy power generation is accelerating, and the incremental market of photovoltaic solar energy promotes the growth of demand for wet electronic chemicals.

Photovoltaic Solar Cells
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