Functional Electronic Chemicals

Electronic chemicals, also called process chemicals, wet chemicals, can be divided into general wet chemicals and functional wet chemicals. Functional wet electronic chemicals are one of the indispensable key basic chemical materials in the production process of VLSI, flat panel display, solar cell and so on. Please check OUR LIST.

Battery Chemicals

Battery chemicals mainly include lithium-ion battery chemicals (including lithium-ion battery electrolytes, additives, new lithium salts, carbonate solvents) and supercapacitor electrolytes. Ion battery electrolytes, as one of the four key materials for lithium batteries ( Positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, electrolyte), is composed of three parts: electrolyte lithium salt, solvent, and additives. Please check OUR LIST.

Organic Fluorine Chemicals

In the semiconductor and display panel industry, fluorine chemicals can be used as fluorine solvents, cleaning agents, thermal fluids, etching materials, photosensitive materials, etc. due to their special properties. As a cleaning agent and solvent for OLED display panels and precision electronic instruments, it is non-toxic and non-flammable; As cleaning solvent for 3D printing of medical materials and other equipment; As cleaning agent for meltblown equipment, such as acidic fluorine-containing alcohol HFIP. Please refer to the following Perfluoropolyether modified acrylic compound, Fluorinated Solvent Cleaning Agent for Semiconductor and Display, Photoresist Monomers and Anti-Fouling Moisture-Proof Coating Fluoromonomer. Please check OUR LIST.


Silfluo offers other Resins and Polymers used in Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Semiconductors, Integrated Circuit(IC), Lithium Battery, Optics, LED, Power Electronics, New Energy etc. Toll-manufacturing Chemicals or any other Advanced Functional Materials are welcome to ask. Please check OUR LIST.

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